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Why have an app? 

Lots of people think they should have an app because it’s the latest thing and everyone’s doing it. But like anything in business, you should only do it if there’s a solid reason. We can think of six possible reasons you might really want or need one. 1. You have…

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Going Cloud – Moving to G Suite

At the end of last week, we began the process of moving the business over to G Suite. For those who don’t know, G Suite is Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Office365 – a subscription-based, cloud-based office platform. Unlike Microsoft’s offering though, it operates 100% online in a browser. You have…

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How integration of business systems has got easier

When I first started working in IT as a fresh-faced graduate back in 1998, we didn’t really think about integration. We’d put in sales automation or a customer service platform. Even with large corporates, there was often a lack of a bigger picture – how did the software sit within…

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