Our whole philosophy is that technology is not important: people, processes and information are. When you hold a conference call, connect with former colleagues on LinkedIn or watch a video on YouTube, the specifics of how it works aren’t relevant – the technology is just an enabler. It’s the same with business.

We look at how information flows within, through and around our clients’ businesses, and then work out what tools can be put in place, and how, to give the most benefit. We help you and your colleagues make the most of what’s available in the most cost effective way, and put in our own modifications and integrations where necessary.

James Geldart – Director

James has a background in large enterprise software projects for household names like Reuters and BT. He founded Nuvola in 2003 to use this experience for the benefit of smaller companies.

He has built web applications for over 10 years and was an evangelist for internet-based business tools well before anyone called it ‘The Cloud’.

Mark Hewitt, Development Lead

With over 15 years in software development, Mark brings a wealth of experience across a variety of industries to designing and delivering our projects. His particular strength is in understanding requirements quickly and translating them into well built, nice looking solutions for our customers.