As you can see, we work with quite a range of businesses! But we can really make a difference to:

  • Facilities management and engineering businesses who collect a lot of data and need to make it available to their clients

Firstly, we recommend you visit Our Services page which provides a detailed explanation of the services we can offer and how we provide them. You can book a a Discovery Call via the button at the bottom of the page. 

We run our ‘back ends’ on Amazon’s AWS platform, which is widely used and a secure and reliable environment. The servers themselves are locked down and difficult to hack. We write our own code so we reduce the risk of third party vulnerabilities, and where we use open source platforms (WordPress and Drupal) these are kept up to date. Our systems can optionally have two factor authentication to log in.

Aside from the security of our systems, all of our servers are backed up nightly and we keep two weeks worth of backups. Optionally, we can send regular backups to your own server.

All of our systems are built with open components. This means you can always find developers to support them long term. We are happy to share our code with you, and we give you an unlimited licence to use (but not resell) our work. And as stated above, we can send backups to your own server.

This depends on the scope of the project, but typically our projects take between 4-6 months.

You can discover our processes by clicking here



Costs are dependent upon the scope of the project, but our projects are generally from £2500 to £15000. We charge a flat monthly fee for ongoing hosting, maintenance and support. You won’t pay a per user monthly fee.

We will need you to be available during the project to provide us with timely feedback and input to our scoping workshops, and to test the system.

That will depend on the type of project. One of our app clients is earning more in subscription revenue each month than she spent building the app. For our B2B clients, it’s harder to quantify, but:

  • Allow your staff to focus on customer service not mundane manual processes
  • Give you capacity to handle more business
  • Provide better client service 
  • Use your new system to help your sales process