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Aquarian Approved Installers

Aquarian Cladding Systems have been a client of ours for several years – our Nuvola CRM system has been adapted over time to the specifics of their business and now runs their
sales and operations end to end. They supply tried & tested external cladding solutions for the 21st Century which help to create award-winning buildings. Part of what sets them apart within the industry is a reputation for quality, alongside attention to detail and a high level of customer service.
As part of this commitment to quality, they have set up an approved installer network (AIN). Essentially the subcontractors who install their products need to be trained and pass a test, so Aquarian can guarantee the quality of the finished product. They had originally run this process by a combination of email and Google Forms, which worked but was a little clunky.
We were tasked with developing an app which made this process much slicker. The app is installed from just a link or QR code, and it allows the installer to register, providing personal details and a photo for their AIN card. Then they can take tests in each of the products Aquarian supplies.
Test results and contact details are automatically fed into Nuvola CRM and Aquarian’s operations team is notified of the result.
All of this provides the installer with a slick, on-brand experience, enhancing their feelings of confidence about the supplier they’re dealing with. From Aquarian’s point of view, most of the process of signing up new installers is automated so much less time is needed in the office.
Aquarian Approved Installers App