how we work.

What can you expect?

When you work with us we want to be clear about what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.

Working with us

In the following we set out how we as a software development company work. This is from initial conversation through to project end. This is so that you can better understand the processes and procedures we follow. This will in turn enable us to collaborate more effectively on your project.

At Nuvola we manage our projects in an agile way. 

So what is agile? Agile is a way of working which enables us to work iteratively (known as sprints). This means that after each iteration we deliver a working piece of software for you to test which by the end of the process will equate to the full specification. Much like the image below!

agile-process img by Henrik Kniberg

Why do we work in this way?

Because it allows us to deliver at each point in the process and then based on your feedback adjust the project to deliver a better product on the next iteration. This means that you get to test the product at each stage of development and feedback problems and changes enabling us to adjust course as needed. This means that at the end of the last iteration you will have your all singing all dancing product.

Onboarding sequence

Initial chat

Following an initial chat with the team in order to establish your broad needs we will send over our project questionnaire for you to complete.

Project questionnaire

The purpose of the questionnaire is to establish what your level of comfort is with work of this type.


If you do not have a functional specification i.e. exactly what functionality you require we will need to complete an initial paid piece of work to establish this. If we do need to complete this, it is an independent piece of work and you will be able to use this with any supplier.


Following completion of the project questionnaire & knowing what functionality you require, we will be able to provide you with a cost breakdown and phased approach if required.


Once the contract and the T&C’s have been returned and the 1st invoice has been paid we will book in a project kick off meeting.

Project kick off

At this point we have our project kick off meeting & enter sprint zero.

You can see our entire process in the handy visual below:

Our proven process

Nuvola's Development Process


Our expectations

In order for the project to progress as expected we require you to make time for the testing and feedback as and when required. It is an essential part of the process and we will not be able to complete the project without this. If you do not have capacity for this we can arrange for a contractor to complete this at your expense.

What you can expect

You can expect us to be professional in all of our dealings with your project. We will schedule sufficient time for the project and provide a forum for feedback. Should we encounter unanticipated problems we will inform you at our earliest convenience.


Once a project kicks off we will communicate with you primarily via our projects email address. This is so that all of the team are kept in the loop and this mitigates holidays etc. We will also use an asana project board where you will be able to see each of the stages of development. We are a paperless office and all documents will be provided electronically to you. We will provide you with access to a shared google drive folder for the duration of the project.