Can’t I just buy the app?

Isn’t it better to own something outright rather than paying for it forever? We think not, and that’s why all our apps have a monthly subscription element. A recent prospective client asked to just pay a one-off fee, but here’s why our subscription model gives great value.

Let’s look at the benefits of a subscription model first. We’re all pretty used to it in fact, whether we lease a car, rent an office or warehouse, or even just subscribe to Spotify (other streaming services are available!). We get the benefits of usage without the capital outlay. And we also take away some of the risks of outright ownership. No leaky roof, no of your car, no significant other scratching your CD. Well, the same thing applies to our apps. Let me explain.

We have put hundreds of hours of developer time (with decades of industry experience and worth tens of thousands of pounds) into building an app platform that does lots of things out of the box. Like allowing logins and synchronising between devices. Like giving you a calendar for scheduling jobs or a form builder to create custom forms. And we’ve also built some off the shelf products on that platform, which we’ll then charge a fairly small fee to brand and customise to your business. But if you were to ‘just buy the app’, we’d have to charge thousands to build from scratch, or a hefty licence fee for our platform.

So by charging a monthly fee, which is pretty competitive compared to a lot of specialist off-the-shelf apps, you can benefit from much lower up front fees and a predictable operational cost.

You’re gonna need a server for that….

Not only that, but if we did just sell a one-off project, you’re still going to want to have a server which can store your data and manage your logins. And you’ll probably want to have some sort of support, updates etc. So you come back to having to pay a monthly charge for those anyway.

And that is why our model is so good. For most fairly simple small business apps, we can take a product we’ve already built, tailor it to your business using elements of our platform and charge you an ongoing fee. You get a bespoke product which can save you thousands in overheads for not very much money, and a relationship where we have a vested interest in our product being successful for you.

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Sound interesting? Hopefully you can see why our subscription model gives great value.

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