Dantek is quite a specialist business – they provide legionella prevention services, a statutory requirement for any organisation with premises. Their clients tend to be companies with multiple office premises, as well as schools, colleges and universities.

Legionella prevention has two aspects – cleaning and monitoring, and Dantek provides both. It was the monitoring that Nuvola was able to help with. This side of the business involves checking, at regular intervals, the temperatures of water systems and outlets, which essentially should be below 20 or above 50 Celsius (legionella thrives in lukewarm water). This means that their engineers need to attend site and physically take these readings. They were originally using shared spreadsheets, but we created a mobile app (backed by a web-based desktop reporting and administrative application) which works offline and into which the engineers can enter data directly.

This has recently been extended to allow the app to include complex inspection reports with photos and customer signatures, so that the entire preventative aspect of the business is now paperless and fully reportable in real time both for Dantek and their customers via dashboards and automated email alerts.