Launched in 2011, the UK Hand Registry is a patient-focussed data capture and analytics platform custom built for the BSSH. Version 4.0, a complete overhaul of the user experience in conjunction with our design partners CoeCreative, went live in Autumn 2017.

As with most medical fields, the hand surgeons were looking for a way of helping their members comply with statutory requirements for the measurement of outcomes, and also to help them improve their practice. Unlike other specialisms which had concentrated on clinical measurements, BSSH chose to use Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), which are essentially a subjective measure of how a patient feels surgery has improved their condition.

The system Nuvola has developed enables most of the data entry to be done by patients themselves, with automated text and email reminders containing a link to a questionnaire to be completed. There are then easy-to-read graphs providing analytical information for surgeons and comparing them against their peers. And we’re pleased to say that the NHS’s own Data Coordination Board has given our system assured status.