Aquarian Cladding Systems is in importer of building cladding materials from a supplier in Belgium, selling directly to building contractors across the UK and managing shipment of the cladding panels directly to their customers’ sites.

We had already implemented our CRM system for Aquarian, adapting it slightly to reflect the way their projects are structured, when we entered into a conversation about their quotation and sales order processing requirements.

Essentially they used complicated spreadsheets which contained their entire pricing structure (they had 8 price lists so there were 8 versions), and with different sheets to manage quotation, order and delivery notes. They were cumbersome and error prone. We built the structure into our CRM system, so that a quote can be created by setting a few parameters and then picking products from dropdowns. This creates the document to email to the client and is then followed through to sales order, deliveries and invoicing. And of course it can all be reported on.