App Development for Small and Medium Businesses

Why build an app? An app can do one of two things:

  • Make your business slicker by putting your company data in the hands of field sales and/or operations staff
  • Increase engagement with your customers

But people need a reason to download and use an app. If you’re just looking at marketing, you might be better investing in your website and social media presence.

But if you genuinely engage with customers on a regular basis, an app can help. An example is the life journal app we’re currently building for a life coach. Not only is that a product she can sell (and get recurring revenue from), but it will help her widen her reach and engagement with current and potential coaching clients.

Conversely we can make your business operate better. The maintenance company whose engineers use a custom built app when they’re on site have live reports that they can show their customers, and the IT company whose business management system manages all their jobs also have an app that the engineers get job sign off and do their stock orders with.