Why have an app? We think there are six reasons. In this series of 6 short videos James Geldart explains why.

1. You have field staff who need to log their jobs

Having an app can allow you to assign, schedule and close jobs on the fly.

2. You want to speed up your sales and quotations process

Wouldn’t it be so much quicker if those quote forms could be done on a tablet, or you didn’t have to copy and paste in Excel?

3. You’re a coach or a consultant with a ‘system’

Many coaching and consultancy businesses get their clients to implement some kind of system with goal setting and tracking. An app can both help your current clients and extend your reach and brand awareness.

4. You’re a niche manufacturer who wants to produce a digital manual

Rather than producing a complex manual, an app can contain basics instructions but also how-to videos and latest tips on how to get the best from your products

5. You have lots of repeat small orders

If people come back again and again to order the same stuff, an app might make that process quicker and easier for both you and your customers.

6. You want a contact form that does a bit more

Contact forms are great, but imagine a contact form that’s an app which can remind your customers about you and tell them your latest offers.