Schedule jobs.


For plumbers, electricians, gardeners, floor fitters and anyone who has to schedule jobs for their team.

Off the shelf and into your business


ourJobs is designed for businesses who do one-off or recurring jobs at customer sites, want to schedule their teams’ work better, and allow their operatives to close down jobs onsite without the need for separate paperwork.

You can quickly add and move jobs around with a drag-and-drop calendar, filter by categories and set recurring maintenance.

Your team get an overview of their days’ jobs, and once they’re done they can complete a checklist, take photos and get a customer signature all from within the app.

You can go completely paperless because everything you need is stored in our secure cloud storage, and the app even works offline.

The great thing about our apps is that they’re built on our platform that allows them to be extended, so you can start with something off-the shelf and extend as you need, but you still pay the same monthly charge.

Think this might help your business to grow?

Our charges start at £20 + VAT per month for two users, with an extra £10 per additional user capped at £99 per month.