Systems for small, growing businesses

There are plenty of good software products for managing your business if your needs are quite standard. But what if they aren’t? Often we work with clients who are stumped with how to find a better way to managing complex data on spreadsheets. Where Nuvola adds value is to take one of our standard systems (such as our CRM software) as a starting point, and bespoke it to our clients’ needs. This gives you the best combination of an off-the-shelf product and something designed specifically for your business, at a cost designed for smaller companies as well.


We can manage the process of choosing and migrating you onto a new system, and provide the development services to integrate any new software with your existing systems if necessary.

You can bring us in on an ongoing basis as a Virtual CTO to help you develop and implement a technology strategy, ensuring your business makes the most of advances in the internet, mobile platforms and so on.


We provide training to help you and your people understand the software procurement and implementation process better.

The idea is that if you understand the processes you need to go through to procure and implement a new system successfully, you will be more likely to make the right choices and will need less external help. Look out for our online training courses coming soon!

Medical Audit

We offer a system for logging operations for surgical associations and medical bodies, based on one currently run for the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH). Operations are logged into the system, and patients are then sent automatic follow-up forms to complete in the form of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs). Graphical reporting is then available to surgeons to enable them to view their own outcomes and measure themselves against their peers.